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The Highly Anticipated Conclusion to Canada's Conquest of South America!

Dearest Readers,

As I write this, I sit in the airport waiting to begin my trip back home. It's been a great adventure, and I thank you all for sharing it with me through this account of my travels.

Our time in Huanchaco was the perfect end to our South American adventure. We met up with Erin and Jordyn after being apart for a week, which was long considering we had spent nearly every waking hour together since I arrived. It was nice to have our group together again, and finally we were able to play kaiser again, hurrah! Although Jordyn and I then began a losing streak where we lost about 10 out of 13 games... by embarrassing amounts most often. But I'm sure you aren't interested in hearing about our kaiser rivalry, so back to Huanchaco. Huanchaco is a nice little town on the coast of Peru about eight hours north of Lima. I'm not sure how many people live there, but it must be small because there are no big stores, just the usual scattered tiendas selling random collections of goods. We didn't do a lot, my dear readers, but that was exactly our intention. We spent several hours a day lazing in the sun, playing cards, and timidly courting the ocean. Unfortunately about 3 meters into the water the sand turned into big, uncomfortable rocks. The rocks made for uneasy footing, and so when the waves came in it was very hard to stay upright. So we mostly stayed in the sand, enjoying the hot sun and visits from stray dogs. Actually, most of the dogs were really unpleasant to be around. Without trainers, they seem to lack any manners whatsoever. If they weren't kicking sand on our towels, they were prowling the female strays in heat, often coming into conflict with one another. There was one dog in particular (squat, but with the coloring of a yellow lab) that was incredibly confrontational. He would periodically plant himself in the middle of our staked out area and bark at us. His tail was wagging so he didn't seem aggressive, but paired with his incessant barking he had the behaviour of a rabid lunatic. Man I hate that dog. We prayed for some valiant beast to come and chase him away, perhaps a Clifford or a Marmaduke, but nothing came. We would just get up and run away screaming any time he came near, getting laughed at by the locals and feeling ashamed of ourselves. I don't regret it though, I was not about to get a series of syringes to the stomach as a result of confronting a psychotic and rabid dog. Luckily though, that bastardly canine was the only bad thing I can say about Huanchaco. We went surfing the one day for a couple of hours. Our tutors were excellent, and a few times I managed to stand up and ride until the momentum of the waves petered out. My shark paranoia was not out of control either, although any time I stepped down into rocks that felt at all pointy I immediately searched my foot for any bleeding cuts. I did not want a repeat of my snorkeling mishap in Thailand (if you don't know the story you can read about it in my Thailand blog here: ). We also attended a lovely tea party hosted by a local Dutch woman, one of the nicest people we met on this entire trip. Eight days seemed to just fly by there, but we were ready to leave when we boarded the bus that would take us back to Lima.

We only spent one night in Lima. The three girls all fly back on the 3rd, so they didn't want to come much earlier than that. It was a pretty uneventful 24 hours in all. We basically ate, wandered around, slept, wandered around some more, and then it was time to leave. I did encounter my first mugging though... by the hands of a three year old girl. Georgia and I were eating our last meal at a nearby cafe and a pair of girls came up to us begging for money. They looked to be about three and six years old, but didn't appear very grubby or in need so we didn't give them anything. But after I said no, the youngest one grabbed my Coca-Cola off the table and started walking away with it. I didn't really know what to do. I certainly wasn't about to chase after a toddler for half a bottle of Coke, and so I just laughed. Her sister caught her though, and made her return it to me. Shortly after a waiter chased them away, and the whole ordeal was over. Not too bad though right? The only theft I experienced on the entire trip was simply a half bottle of soda that was returned shortly afterwards. Quite successful in all I must say. After the not-so-traumatizing mugging, I bade farewell to Erin and Jordyn, and Georgia took a taxi with me to the airport. Once all was in order, Georgia headed back to the hostel and I found my gate. And now I sit at my gate, waiting to get on a plane to Newark, then to Chicago, and finally to Winnipeg. The whole airport/airplane process is going to take nearly 24 hours, so I'm just jittery from the excitement. I spent about an hour writing this, so I guess I've got another 23 to go.

So that's it everybody, that's the whole trip. It was a spectacular experience, these three months. I truly hope that you enjoyed reading about my travels as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

The End.

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So good. Thanks, Greg!

by michelleee

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